Truth’s Corner: Diamond and Silk Stood Up to the Swamp and Got Threatened With Jail

Diamond and Silk go to Washington

{Opinion} — Conservative social media sensations Diamond and Silk got a full-on taste of just how the swamp operates during a recent appearance on Capitol Hill.

After a myriad of questions posed by various lawmakers, they found themselves being targeted due to an error in the way the Trump campaign listed a reimbursement for the duo’s airfare to an event that they attended.

Consequently, before they realized it, they were being warned of potential perjury charges because of a simple clerical error. Some might say that lawmakers were well within their authority to treat the two women — who were ostensibly invited as speakers — like they were subpoenaed hostile witnesses, but it is a stark reflection of the partisan witch hunts that are now underway.

Despite our President’s numerous bouts with the truth, there is no valid reason that Diamond and Silk, aka Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, aka American citizens, should have been subjected to that kind of treatment by Democratic lawmakers — especially Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, whose animus toward the pair appeared to run far deeper than just opposing political views.

But what almost happened to Diamond and Silk is not an isolated thing, it is a stark reminder of what can happen when truth is spoken to power and that power happens to disagree. As Americans, these two women have the right to express their views, even if many don’t agree and certainly should not have to feel threatened when exercising their free speech.

Perhaps Jeffries and Company weren’t prepared for the strong and educated rebuttals to the rhetorical and sometimes condescending questions asked of these women. Maybe their responses were a bit too sharp-edged for his supposedly thick liberal skin to withstand, or maybe Jeffries fell victim to his own stereotype of what outspoken conservative women are supposed to look like.

Nevertheless, we must always remember that freedom is not free. There is a price to pay, and may we always maintain the courage to pay it.

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